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What is StillAlive?


StillAlive continuously monitors & tests all of your application features, acting as a user, helping you to avoid costly issues.

StillAlive does more than just check that your website with a simple ping test. You can write custom test scripts in plain English that test your entire application, constantly mimicking what your real users are actually doing every day on your site.


Test your signup process icon  Test your signup process

Find out if you’re not losing sign-ups. Test forms and user flows.

Get alerted about issues icon  Get alerted about issues

Anytime something goes wrong we’ll notify you through SMS and e-mail.

Monitor your e-commerce systems icon  Monitor your e-commerce systems

Make sure your payment system or shopping cart are always up.

Run tests continuously icon  Run tests continuously

Set your test scripts to run as often or as little as you need them to.

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