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Install StillAlive on AppHarbor


Once you have installed the AppHarbor StillAlive add on to your .Net application, you still have some configuration to do before your application will actually be checked at all.

First step is to sign in to the AppHarbor StillAlive single sign on interface, you do this by going to your application page in AppHarbor and selecting the StillAlive addon.

Once here you need to follow the "Go to StillAlive" link.

You will be redirected to the StillAlive website and will see your dashboard. It should say you have one recipe passing. Provisioning your first recipe can take up to 5 minutes so if you do not see a passing recipe after 5 minutes, please follow the Manually configuring a passing recipe documentation.

While you are waiting for your first recipe to be provisioned, you should make sure StillAlive knows how to contact you in an emergency. Follow the Profile link in the StillAlive navigation and enter the appropriate details:

By the time you complete this, your first recipe should be provisioned passing, go back to the dashboard and you should see something like the following:

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