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Script Failure Tolerance


There are times when you might want a different level of failure tolerance for each script. For example, sometimes you might get a page not reload (when updating your site), but after a minute or two the site might be back online. In these cases, you might not want StillAlive to send you a failure notification.

StillAlive provides a way for you to control how sensitive it is through the failure tolerance setting for each script.

For example, setting a failure tolerance of "twice" means that the script can fail twice, before StillAlive considers it down. If the site then fails a third time in a row, StillAlive will send you and all your collaborators notifications that the script has failed.

If you find you are getting too many seemingly "false positive" alerts from StillAlive, consider changing the Failure Tolerance to a higher number.

To change the failure tolerance, log into your dashboard and view the site which contains the script you want to modify. Then select the script and follow the edit link. Then edit the Failure tolerance select box to be the value you would like and press the "Finish Editing" button to save your changes. Your changes will take effect immediately.

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