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Manually Configuring a Passing Recipe


If you have installed StillAlive on an AppHarbor application and you do not see an automatically provisioned passing recipe after 10 minutes, follow these steps to manually setup your site and first recipe:

Sign in to the AppHarbor StillAlive single sign on interface if you are not already there, you do this by going to your application page in AppHarbor and selecting the StillAlive addon.

Once here you need to follow the "Go to StillAlive" link.

Within the AppHarbor StillAlive Dashboard there will be a "Edit your site" link, follow this.

And then enter your site name and base URL.

Once you press Update you will be on the site screen. Next you need to define a recipe. Do this by following the "Create a new recipe" link.

You can get some ideas on how to create a recipe by watching our short demonstration video

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