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Logging into your StillAlive Dashboard with Heroku


To log into your StillAlive service via the Heroku dashboard through the Addons menu.

Once you select "StillAlive" you will be able to edit your site, the recipes as well as expand the recipe you have running on your site.

With a collaborator account:

Alternatively you can use the "collaborator" function of StillAlive to set yourself up as a collaborator and then use that account to log on to the StillAlve site.

Simply log in to StillAlive through Heroku, then add yourself as a collaborator to your site, To do this:

  1. Go to the "Dashboard"
  2. Select "View" for your site
  3. Select the "Collaborator" link (to the right of the "Edit Site" and "Add A New Script" buttons")
  4. Select "Add collaborators", enter your email address, and then select "Send Invitation"

This will send an invite to your specified email address. Then sign in to the main StillAlive site (https://stillalive.com/) with this and just make it a personal account.

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