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PointDNS - DNS Server Names Update - 28th October 2015


As part of our on-going improvements to offer a world class DNS service, we will be shortly retiring the following servers.

We understand having to go change DNS records at the best of times is painful, & depending on your own set-ups, sometimes means going almost full-on Indiana Jones in a bid to get the changes done. It's not something we take lightly.

We've looked at the best way for us to do this without using short-quick solutions that will cause other pains later on, or carry poor design decisions or implementations into how we grow the services to improve them further.


Why in the heck are Cogneto doing this now?

The infrastructure these were sitting on did not have our confidence simply put & we're not prepared to implement band-aid solutions to something for sake of ease. And, you shouldn't want to accept a band-aid solution from us for something you depend on. We've spent alot of time going through what we inherited after the acquisition of PointDNS, and it needs to be better. Better so we can build on this already great service to offer more value, and to do that we want to ensure we have a solid foundation for this. 

As a company providing a critical service, we simply will not deploy quick-and-easy solutions like IP address mapping  or aliasing as in our eyes it's a poor way of carrying out network management & one any good network engineer would roll their eyes at. You expect us to take your services you place with us seriously & treat them with care. You shouldn't accept implementing a careless & poor solution for things you value, rely upon & deem critical. 

As a result of these changes IPv6 will now be accessible for you properly, & a more robust DNS pool will be in place to support some of the cool things we're working on to develop the service for you.


So what are Cogneto doing for this?

To compensate, we will introduce two new nameservers in the next 2 weeks.

Before the retirement of the existing servers, we will update current NS records so you don't have to do this manually.

Replacement mapping:

dns1.pointhq.com -> dns6.pointhq.com
dns2.pointhq.com -> dns9.pointhq.com
dns3.pointhq.com -> dns9.pointhq.com
dns4.pointhq.com -> dns6.pointhq.com
dns5.pointhq.com -> dns7.pointhq.com
biz-ns1.pointhq.com -> dns8.pointhq.com 


So want do we need you to do?

If you are using any of mentioned nameservers scheduled for retirement you will need to check your NS records with your hosting provider - otherwise your domain may stop resolving from December 1st 2015. (new timelines to be revised)

If you are not using the IP addresses of these DNS servers anywhere, you won't have to do anything since we will be pointing the discontinued server names to other ones, but we suggest doing it anyway. With the exception of dns4.pointhq.com, the other public servers (dns1, dns2, dns3, dns5 and biz-ns1) have been unlisted from within the PointDNS control panel for over a year.


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