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How to transfer my DNS settings from PointDNS to my domain registrar


So you want to move some or of your DNS settings back to your domain registrar.


So first things first you are going to need to export your records from PointDNS to avoid any service disruptions. You can do this by visiting your dashboard in PointDNS and selecting the domain you wish to move the records for.

Your PointDNS Dashboard


Once you have clicked through you will be presented with the all the records for this domain. Using the export option in the menu.

 After clicking through this click you will be presented with a txt file much like this one.

to save the file right click and select the "save as" option making sure you save it as a .txt file.

Once you have saved the file, you can import the settings to your new DNS hosting provider.

Only after this, should you change  the DNS settings at your domain registrar to point to your new DNS hosting provider. 


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